The easiest way to install CPMA is by using an All-in-one installer (such as Pro installer or EZQ3), this requires two things the pak0.pk3 from Quake 3 and an installer .exe file. With Pro installer you can choose which mods, map packs and other tools you want to install. This installer uses the CNQ3 game client as opposed to the stock id software client, or the popular alternative client Quake3e.

The Pak0.pk3 and Pro installer are available below:

Pro Installer 2
  1. Unzip and launch Proinstaller.exe
  2. Point the program to wherever you saved pak0.pk3 to.
  3. Choose a directory and name for your new Quake III folder. Note that it defaults to the D: drive so make sure you select the correct drive e.g. C:
  4. Select all the options you would like to install, you can choose to install the DeFRaG mod also. It's reccomended you select everything.
  5. Click install and wait for the program to download and install all the files. This can take up to 10 minutes.
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